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Recent Game Medals

2,935 Points

Score 500 25 Points

This is around the level of how high someone who really works at it can score. If you want to cheat, go ahead - really, who can blame you?

Clean 10 Systems! 50 Points

Did you know these levels change with each type you unlock? There's quite a variety there. At least see 10, come on, they really get better!

Acquire 50 Data! 50 Points

Data would be those green boxes. As opposed to the red, white, blue or black boxes. You'll see them. Get 50 over the entire course of your game career and then, hey, awesome Newgrounds medal noise!

Destroy 250 Errors! 100 Points

There are a lot of errors on the internet. Seriously - HTML errors, code errors, speling errors... Anyway, destroy 250 of them during the course of the game.

Fire 500 Shots! 10 Points

Are you going to just hold down the space key and slam through this one? Are you? C'mon, you'll get it naturally in the course of the game. Don't be like that, man!

Score 250 25 Points

Rack up at least 250 points in a level! Really, not very hard. Use combos, be fast. Wait, IS this too hard? Then you'll hate medal 3.

Combo Level 5! 100 Points

Once again, this one is tough. If you're having trouble, try it on a 4-way shot level. Remember, missed shots hurt your combo meter.

Play a Level! 5 Points

It doesn't get much easier than this. But then that medal pops up and it makes that cool sound and you gotta admit - that feels AWESOME.

Gender Fluid 5 Points

Play as both a boy and a girl at least once

Treasured Vial/Ampule 25 Points

Complete the story mode

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